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Analytics advantage

We design, deliver, and scale customer analytics and marking operations programs that harness insights and drive data-driven decision-making, segmentation, personalization, and growth acceleration.

Our program delivery focuses on advanced analytics and data activation, leveraging statistical and machine learning to segment, analyse and uncover insights to make data-informed decisions, personalize customer experiences and scale growth through relevancy, satisfaction, increased conversions and revenue.

Higher ROI

9/10 of our clients that use our data activation services see at least 32% increase in performance.

Data drives marketing science

  • PPC Bid Management
    Tech & Data Maturity

    A framework to fully realize the potential of data-driven marketing strategies

  • PPC Bidding
    Analytics Strategy

    Intelligence and insights that can be actioned to drive business outcomes.  

  • Google Shopping
    Implementation & Integration

    Technically and strategically throughout the data implementation and activation life cycle

  • AdWords API
    Analytics Data Quality

    We identify, collect, clean, combine and manage multiple sources focused on data integrity.

  • Marketing and Cloud Foundation
    Marketing & Cloud Foundation

    Tightly integrate all data sources, from web and app clickstream to customer records in the data warehouse.

  • Data Ingestion & Activation
    Data Ingestion & Activation

    Integrate with other data sources and acts as the central storage and processing repository for enterprise data.

  • Data Strategy and Measurement
    Predictive Modelling

    Predict lifetime value and churn, as well as forecast the impact of marketing objectives. 

  • Insights And Growth Strategy

    Segmentation, value-tiering and marketing technology to operationalize your marketing operations.

adaptive have proven to be excellent digital marketing partners for our organisation. In less than 3 months we've experienced an 80% increase on last years revenues, all driven by data insights.
Aidan McDevitt, National Sports Council

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