According to Darwin’s Origin of the Species,

it is not the strongest of the species that survives. It is the one that best adapts to a changing environment.

Organizations are facing unprecedented change. Digital is disrupting entire business models, and customer expectations are evolving constantly. Data and how well organizations harness and activate data will determine who succeeds.

We are an analytics and performance marketing consultancy that delivers superior growth for smart and ambitious organizations. We leverage data insights to power smarter decisions, deliver more targeted and better communications, enhance customer experiences, and drive ambitious growth.

Data Strategists

From data intelligence to marketing activation

Practice Leads

  • Brian Maher
    Strategy & Data Intelligence

    Brian is an analytics and technology expert with over ten years of experience delivering data strategy and activation programs. With hands-on experience across the entire data and marketing lifecycle, he knows to focus on the metrics that drive customer insights and performance.  

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  • Rafeeqah Mollagee
    Analytics & Measurement

    Rafeeqah has 15 years experience specializing in analytics measurement, data analysis, and visualization. She provides strategic guidance for implementing data-driven strategies to enhance business performance. Proficient in both the Google and Adobe tech stacks, she also advises on data privacy.

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  • Brian O'Callaghan
    Activation & Optimization

    Industry paid media expert with senior experience across the media landscape for global marketing brands. He utilises that experience to define our clients' growth strategies and help them take advantage of data insights across paid search, paid social and martech platforms.  

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  • Lara Holloway
    Analytics Solutions Design

    Lara is a Senior Solutions Architect responsible for auditing, assessing, and designing solutions across GA4, Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, and Data Activation. She also oversees the media analysis team, which uncovers game-changing insights that drive growth.

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  • Mahewash Abdi

    Data science and machine learning practice lead, working with the broader team to design, develop, and operationalize advanced analytics to predict and activate data, from a propensity to predictive and marketing mix modeling. Mahewash oversees the Business Intelligence & Engineering consulting team.

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  • Kendal Quicke
    Project Delivery

    She works across the entire project delivery lifecycle, from analytics audits to solution design, implementation, analysis, and data activation delivery. She uses her vast project management experience to assemble, coordinate, and manage the team to deliver world-class solutions. Project Management is the backbone of success.

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  • Oleksii Solodukha

    In-depth knowledge and experience in technical SEO, on-site and on-page optimization, and off-site, as well as keyword research. His technological know-how and marketing awareness help our clients build SEO strategies that increase revenue. He's also highly skilled in data engineering and AI SEO.

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  • Shane Burke
    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Insights-driven marketer with a deep understanding of user experience principles and performance design. His experience spans performance marketing, analysis, UX & Conversion Rate Optimization. We leverage these super-powers across our clients marketing programs to drive media effectiveness and efficiency.

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  • Esti Wright

    Esti's 11 years of expertise lie in developing comprehensive paid media strategies tailored to specific business objectives. She leverages platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media advertising to achieve measurable outcomes. She thrives in dynamic environments where data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization are paramount.

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  • Nikita Roodt

    Nikita oversees paid media marketing, content strategy, search engine optimization, and CRO data-driven strategies, enhancing client growth through insights. Her role involves activation and optimization, ensuring accounts are managed effectively to maximize results and support client objectives. Her superpowers combine marketing strategy and communication - vital skills for marketing performance.

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  • Ajay Kumar

    Ajay is an experienced Business Intelligence Engineer with a specialization in Data Science. His core competencies include Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Marketing Analytics. He is skilled in architecting robust BI solutions. Ajay transforms intricate data into strategic insights through effective data modeling. Data warehouses, integrations, pipelines, and data engineering fall into his domain.

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  • Snigdha Tanwar

    As a Solutions Architect, Snigdha leads analytics audits, assessments, and solution designs across Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, BigQuery, and Data Activation. Once we have valuable data, she guides the analysis team in uncovering insights driving business growth and operationalizes data strategy for performance. She's fully skilled in data engineering, visualization, and business intelligence.

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