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Drive growth with data driven decision making

1. Audits and Assessments

Reveal the truth and potential within your paid social accounts as our experts elevate your success through a comprehensive audit and assessment. Achieve optimal performance and results by making data-driven decisions to enhance your paid social strategy.

2. Implementation and Activation

Ignite growth through meticulous, detailed  implementation of Paid Social campaigns. Achieve success by strategically setting up campaigns, employing precise targeting, and making data-driven optimizations to maximize impact

3. Optimization and Innovation

Maximize growth and achieve impactful outcomes through our strategic implementation and activation services in paid social. Unleash the full potential of your campaigns, ensuring enduring success and significant growth. Start propelling your results today.


Audit & Assessment

Account Setup Audit

We perform a comprehensive audit across all facets of paid social accounts. This process provides profound insights into your campaign setup and optimization possibilities. We discover valuable data, evaluate configurations, and make well-informed decisions to enhance your advertising strategy with precision and clarity.

Conversion Tracking Audit

We audit and review your existing paid social conversion tracking to grasp your complete funnel strategy. Prioritizing a comprehensive understanding of every stage in the customer journey, we refine your campaigns for optimal performance, guaranteeing precise conversion tracking and unlocking the full potential of your paid social accounts.

Website and Creative Audit

We conduct website and creative audits in every paid social account and this is crucial for optimizing for performance. We identifying and rectifying issues that improves ad engagement, enhances conversion rates, and maximizes the return on investment, fostering campaign success.


Implementation and Activation

Competitor Research

We are engaged in competitor analysis to unveil the keys to online success. By understanding and exposing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, we aim to secure a leading position in the market. Our examination focuses on their paid social strategies, uncovering valuable insights. Utilizing these insights empowers us to surpass the competition with strategic decisions based on data.

Defining a Strategic Approach

We excel in advanced paid social setups and utilize our strategic approach to drive success. Our services cover the entire spectrum, starting from strategic planning to flawless execution, providing ongoing support, management, and optimization. Elevate your paid media endeavors with our paid social management and consultation services

Account Engineering

With thorough competitor analysis and a strategic mindset, we develop and craft a meticulously structured paid social account. Our precise engineering, comprehensive funnel audience targeting, and compelling ad copy work in unison to elevate visibility and optimize performance. The outcome is a dominant online presence that distinguishes you from the rest of your competitors


Management, Reporting & Innovation

Management & Growth

We harness our expertise to maximize the potential of your paid social accounts. Our meticulous approach involves fine-tuning campaigns and audiences for relevance, crafting engaging ad copy, and refining creatives to actively engage your your target audience. Our objective is to heighten the precision of your campaigns, yielding impactful results and continually optimizing the efficiency of your advertising strategy.

Reporting & Data Visualization

We consistently enhance performance in your paid social accounts through insightful and detailed automated reporting and data visualization. We closely monitoring of performance metrics allows us to optimize for ROAS and CPA goals. Remaining agile in our strategies, we adapt to evolving trends, ensuring precision and data-driven decision-making to maximize returns on your advertising investment.


We transform your paid social accounts through cutting-edge innovations and understanding the latest trends. Embrace the potential of evolving campaign type and enhance tracking capabilities with the CAPI API. We stay at the forefront of the digital landscape, ensuring your advertising strategy evolves with the latest tools for unmatched results and efficiency.


A top-notch performance marketing agency with high-level expertise in analytics and targeting. I hired them for a big project at my last firm to fix our broken attribution.

Jay Rice

Marketing Director

Adaptive and Co have really helped to elevate our intelligence across marketing. They've helped us integrate key strategy tools for GA4 and Meta Ads and are extremely efficient in their approach to project management, with no task too big or small.

Joe Emms

Marketing Manager

The team at Adaptive is second to none; I can strongly recommend their services; they're a pleasure to work with!

Christian Rochford

Head of Technology

Adaptive clearly understands the online market and helped to increase our online sales.

Colm Bell

Head of Product

Adaptive & Co are excellent to work with. Experts in their field, they have been hugely helpful on every aspect of digital we've ever asked of them, and we would 100% recommend working with them

Michelle Brady

Senior Marketing Leader

Some of the very best Search and CRO consultants in the business, a pleasure to work with and always very generous with their time and expertise - highly recommended!

Luke Fitzgerald

Director of SEO

We've worked with Adaptive for the last three years. When they came on board, we were in a challenging position, but they quickly got a handle on our needs, built a plan, and critically executed it. As a result, we have seen a significant improvement in our Digital Performance. I would highly recommend them.

Sean Brett

Head of Digital and Marketing

Adaptive & Co has been amazing to work with. No question goes unanswered. Their attention to detail and the management of our account have seen our sales increase significantly. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Janet O'Sullivan

Head of Operations

Highly recommend Adaptive. They're different to other traditional digital agencies, very strategic and analytical in their approach.

Rory Toal

Head of Digital Marketing

Excellent agency, has provided us with increased ROI across all of our search campaigns

Darragh Mulligan

Chief Revenue Officer

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