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We work with clients at every stage of the measurement lifecycle, from audit, strategy and configurations to advanced digital intelligence programs. Schedule a call to discuss your needs!

Data Strategy and Measurement

Better data means better decisions

In our experience, 90% of analytics implementations aren't telling the full story about customer behaviour or channel performance. That's why your implementation is the first thing we fix.

Once we're confident that your data is clean and accurate, we uncover the insights that drive real competitive advantage.

We empower organisations with data-insights capable of powering smarter business decisions and driving ambitious growth.

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Companies that use data to drive their marketing decisions see an average 26% increase in ROI.

Source: McKinsey & Company
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    Audits & Implementation

  • Analytics Healthcheck

    We'll audit your Segment and tag manager set-up to make sure it's collecting accurate data and reporting on the metrics that matter.

  • Segment Configuration

    Advanced Segment configurations are our bread and butter. We work from strategy right through to implementation and ongoing support.

  • Data Streams

    We work with IT teams to ensure that Segment measurement and dataLayers are integrated cleanly across the full digital footprint.

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    Analysis & Optimization

  • Analysis & Reporting

    Our experts interrogate your data to uncover the insights that add real strategic value. We provide only actionable recommendations.

  • Attribution Modelling

    Discover how hard each channel is working to bring you customers, so that you can allocate investment in the most effective way.

  • Conversion Optimization

    We apply a proven process to turn insights into website improvements, A/B tested using statistically valid methods to deliver conversion rate uplifts.

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    Enterprise Analytics

  • Segment Enterprise

    We provide support on all aspects of the Segment: from strategy and technical specs through to implementation and predictive analytics.

  • Governance & Training

    We work with clients to create effective measurement frameworks and tailored training programs to advance your data maturity.

  • Data Science

    Leveraging advanced analytics, we harness insights to drive data-driven decision-making, segmentation, personalization, and data activation at scale.

Who we work with

Some of world’s leading brands gain competitive advantage through our data-driven approach.

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Since adaptive & co implemented our digital analytics program, data drives every marketing decision. We've seen an immediate impact on performance. I would recommend them to everyone, except our competitors.
Eoin Whelan, Tesco 

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