5 Reasons To Consider LinkedIn Advertising

5 Reasons To Consider LinkedIn Advertising

5 Reasons To Consider LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the platform that most people turn to when they are thinking about moving jobs or when they want to stay up to date with thought leadership from their industry. Given the key information that users input into LinkedIn (education, employment, skills), it provides advertisers with a great opportunity to run highly targeted campaigns. If that nudge isn’t enough to encourage you to consider advertising with LinkedIn, we’re confident that the information we’ll share below will convince you to consider LinkedIn for your next campaign.

1. Inventory (In a small pool, you can become a big fish)

LinkedIn can’t boast the same adoption rates for advertising that we see on other social platforms, for example, Facebook and Twitter. You can use this lack of competitive activity to your advantage. Lower adoption rates mean that you can develop a strong presence with a lower budget than would be required for the same presence on Facebook or Twitter. Products such as text ads run a very low CPM, typically under €1 in the Irish market, which means that you can make a big impact with a relatively small budget and LinkedIn will be a great addition to any campaign to drive cost efficient clicks and impressions.

2. Targeting (Speak to the people you want to speak to, and only those people)

LinkedIn has very strong targeting capabilities across key areas.

  • Seniority
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Location
  • Demographics

By harnessing the power of LinkedIn’s targeting, you can deliver a granular targeting strategy across the funnel and ensure that the impressions served work hard to reach the people who will be most interested in your content. This targeting interface is particularly useful for A/B testing because it allows for various combinations with AND/OR options. And remember, overall, amongst 18-65 year-olds, we have the opportunity to reach 2.5m users in Ireland. Let’s take a look at an example of LinkedIn’s targeting in action. Below you’ll see the targeting for a granular campaign, which targets a very specific audience. This is an example of targeting that might be used by a company that wants to communicate with pilots living in Ireland. As you’ll see, we can choose a location, which can be further targeted by region; for example, Dublin and we can show the communication to people who have listed themselves on LinkedIn with very specific job titles. Although CPMs might be more expensive on LinkedIn than on other channels, we are paying to drive 100% of impressions to specific audiences, which can be hard to achieve with other channels that use broader criteria targeting options.

3. Engaging Formats (Grab attention for great CTRs)

Depending on your goal, LinkedIn has a range of formats to engage with your customer in the most suitable way.

Spotlight: This is a great way to personalise your campaign. These ads pull in the user profile photo along with the company photo and can be edited for various types of CTA. These ads drive a strong CTR and serve in a desktop-only environment.

Conversational Ad : Conversational ads go directly to the inbox of your targeted user - each user can receive just one of these per month, which means that your personalised ad has an excellent opportunity to stand out. The format allows the user to select a few different CTAs, all with automated responses. These ads have a strong open rate and CTR, which means they can boost a campaign where sign ups/enrollment is a critical KPI.

 Below are some formats unique to LinkedIn that can provide high-performing additions to your campaign.

4. Quality Leads (Less quick scrolling, more good leads)

LinkedIn’s focus on the more serious elements of working life: employment; thought leadership; and company updates; means that it tends to be considered a more sincere social media platform than some of its more fun-loving cohorts. While other platforms may encourage users to  scroll rapidly through content, users of LinkedIn tend to be more engaged in the content presented to them. This can be attributed to the fact that the content provided on LinkedIn generally deals with subjects that are important to users’ own personal development or career progression. This greater engagement allows us to have our content noticed and helps us pick up more of the high-quality leads that we have focused on through detailed targeting.

5. B2B marketing (Speak to the decision-maker)

Other social media platforms rarely encourage people to include their role or even the industry they work in within their social profiles; on LinkedIn, these details are key parts of the profile that any user will build. As a result, we can reach key decision-makers with highly targeted ads. So, if you’re a B2B marketer with a specific product or service to sell, this is the platform that will allow you to target your potential customers directly and efficiently. 

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If we’ve convinced you of the many advantages of including LinkedIn advertising in your next campaign and you’d like to discuss how we can help your business make the most of LinkedIn Advertising, get in touch with our Paid Social lead: info@adaptiveco.io

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